“As a church, we desire to be transformational. We do not want to simply sit on the corner – we want to change the corner on which we sit.”

– Pastor Terry Henderson

Welcome to Unity Christian Church International! We are a multi-ethnic, spirit-filled congregation of baptized believers who are in covenant with God, and His people, to carry out the purposes of God. Bring your talents and gifts, and allow God to use you in a special way. We have a passion for developing emerging leaders for ministry.

We invite you to discover your God-intended purpose within our caring and dynamic faith community. Whether you are new to Fayetteville a longtime resident, military or government employee, young or old, married or single, we welcome you to partner with us at Unity. We offer a safe environment to:

  • Explore Christianity at your own pace, grow and discover your purpose
  • Bring your children and youth
  • Ask tough questions about faith; questions stir transformation

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, Unity has a place for you!