Focus 2020 - Purposeful Prayer

Prayer must be in pursuit of a purpose that glorifies God. If we want to see transformation and renewal as a result of our prayers, we must plan to see it. Let us pursue God with purposeful and planned prayer.

Unity’s 2020 monthly prayer focus:

  • December 2019 - New Worship Facility: prayers offered for land, the appropriate building, provision and contractor.
  • January – The breaking of personal strongholds (Fast begins Jan 1st)
  • February – Healing: Physical, emotional, spiritual (Fast ends Feb 9th)
  • March – Children/Youth: Salvation, spiritual growth, protection, direction
  • April – Family/Marriages: Vision, reconciliation, restoration (Palm Sunday, Apr 5th; Easter Apr 12th)
  • May – Woman and discipleship: Being committed to Christian service (Mother’s day, May 10th)
  • June – Men and discipleship: Being committed to God and family (Father’s day, Jun 21st)
  • July – Love increase: pray against hatred and violence
  • August – Fayetteville Community: cover your zip code
  • September – Praying for the harvest: Missions and Evangelism
  • October – Churches, Ministries and their leaders
  • November – Pray for the Nation and our leaders
  • December – Intentional focus of thanking God for who He is and His provision