Unity Ministries

“Service is significant to your spiritual growth“

Families represent the basic units of relationship development. We believe God can use all kinds of families. Whether you are a single parent, newly married, a chronologically blessed couple, divorcee, widow, or a blended family we want you to get connected into one of these Unity ministries. Our dynamic ministries involving Youth, Men, Women, and Congregational Care are not islands unto themselves, but each are unified to support, strengthen and develop members for the betterment of the entire family structure. Strong and healthy families equate to a strong and healthy church. There are additional ministries at Unity, but these serve as our pillars.

Evangelism is the primary mission of the Church. Unity actively encourages its members to fulfill the Great Commission through corporate involvement by participating in many of our community outreach activities. We also encourage everyone to share the love of Christ in their daily witness. Evangelism is the life blood of the church that keeps the Body of Christ growing and moving forward in the will of God. Lord, when did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not take care of You? (Matthew 25:44-45) Jesus directs us to remember the least of these among us. Unity is in partnership with non-profit organizations in our community, statewide, and globally to combat hunger, clothe and care for those in need, while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Children are infinitely precious in God’s sight. Young people are the future of our church, therefore, we endeavor to develop our children and youth in a nurturing faith community. During Wednesday night Youth Bible study, our children learn age appropriate theological concepts in a fun environment. These classes shape and develop Christian character in our children while providing understanding concerning their Godly purposes.

Pastor Henderson leads our Men’s Ministry called Men of Unity. The Men of Unity’s mission is to develop men to be authentic disciples of Christ; to productive leaders, husband and fathers; and to be change agents that reflect Christ in their communities, workplaces, and the world. The Biblical teaching, programs, and activities, associated with this ministry seek to develop character and raise the male consciousness to their personal responsibility for the Kingdom of God.

Sis. Deanna, the wife of Pastor Henderson, provides leadership to our Women’s Ministry called Women of Purpose. The Women of Purpose mission is to Biblically equip, spiritually develop, and economically empower the women of Unity to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose in their home, at the workplace, in their communities, and throughout the world.

In a culture that has largely lost the sense of community we used to find in our neighborhoods and extended families, the church often becomes a major source of community support. Are you in need of prayer? Do you need a listening ear? Congregational Care seeks to keep our members connected in relationship with one another and to the Body of Christ. In times of crisis, particularly illness, marital conflict, birth and death, we stand to provide entire families with meaningful and practical care. We believe that Christian families are strong not only because of their faith but also because of their local church. UCCI biblical teachings and community programs offer parents, spouses, and children guidance for Christian family living.